Conlog Single Phase BEC23 Electricity Meter

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> Active and reactive power measurement
> Power factor measurement
> Renewable energy management
> Power overload protection
> Current overload protection
> Pre-paid and post-paid mode
> Under and over voltage protection
> Reverse line/load protection
> Configurable tamper detection
> Low base current measurement
> Programmable overload
> List of last 10 meter specific tokens
> Common wallbase mounting
> Configurable low credit alarm threshold

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The BEC23 is a single phase integrated (with keypad) meter with a removable wallbase.
This 80A electricity meter is used as an integrated meter and is STS compliant.

Conlog’s BEC23(09) range of prepayment meters offer a cost effective method of metering loads up to a maximum of 80A. In addition, the meter consists of a two-part housing being a wallbase and the active meter. This configuration allows for the pre-installation of the wallbase and the ability to remove the meter for maintenance, without disconnecting the supply.


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