Conlog wBEC44 Split Electricity Meter + WUIU Alkaline

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Enhanced security & protection features

Remote and manual disconnect/reconnect
> Detection of bypass and illegal connections
> Management of unpaid post paid accounts
> Activate and test meter disconnection device

Token Entry lockout
> Protection against fraudulent token attacks

Delayed reconnection
> In rush current protection of utility assets
> Protects appliances from surge due to load shedding


> Active power measurement
> Power factor measurement
> Renewable energy management
> Power overload protection
> Current overload protection
> Thermal overload protection
> Configurable tamper detection
> Pre-paid and post-paid mode
> Under and over voltage protection
> Reverse line/load protection
> Emergency and lifeline support
> Configurable low credit alarm threshold
> Operates in extreme supply conditions
> Communication status LED



The Din Rail Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless wBEC44 is a single phase split meter that works with the wUIU keypad.
This 100A electricity meter is used as a split RF meter, is mounted on a DIN rail, is STS compliant and features extensive tamper protection.


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