Hexing Three Phase 100Amp HXE310-KP Electricity Meter – Citiq Prepaid


The HXE310-KP three phase prepayment meter with keypad is developed based on the previous generation of Hexing prepayment meters to meet the requirements of market. The main functions include measurement, display, communication, prepaid, relay control, keypad input, and anti-tampering, etc. Its major strengths are:

Prepayment functionality that enables secure revenue collection;
Open, secure and reliable STS prepayment standard that allows all existing vending channels to be used and provides a safe, reliable and secure method for the end user to enter credit tokens regardless of the state of the external communications infrastructure.

DLMS/COSEM protocol, good interactivity and operation;
Secure external mechanical structure to prevent external tampering;
Convenient end user operation via keypad and LCD display;
Multiple recharge methods based on standard STS token based recharge system allowing the utilities existing STS compliant vending system to operate with this meter is a seamless manner;
Equips internal relay and supports multi and flexible controlling methods;
Simple and basic short key codes designed to allow the end user or installer to access some basic functions without complex software or special training;
Multiple event records;
Cancel registration feature and close-out allowing the meters balance to be refunded.



The Three Phase HXE310-KP is an integrated meter with optional keypad.
This 100A meter is used as an integrated or split meter, is STS compliant and features tamper protection.


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